About Us

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BeFrabjous is an online destination for people with a keen interest in chic, aesthetic fashion accessories.

You are in the right place if you are looking for something that is just a little bit more than a product shopping site.  We aim to take you on a journey and open doors for you to discover interesting and unusual things and experiences.

BeFrabjous is all about discovery


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We offer vintage and contemporary fashion accessories from around the world, either sourced or designed by founder, Chutisa Bowman. Like the fabulous, delightful joyful energy that our name BeFrabjous suggests, Chutisa is an insatiably curious global traveler, forever searching for treasures that fascinate and intrigue. Blessed with a different way of seeing the world, combined with her love of travel and culture, Chutisa has amassed treasures from across the globe. She has collected from antique markets, auction houses, unique galleries, quaint antique shops, and obscure villages around the world. 

Magnificent, splendid, joyous,  superb, and always elegant - these are the fashion accessories that we find, love and share. We aim to bring you information that inspires and exciting features that celebrate the bold and the farsighted: from directional design that challenges contemporary, to vintage pieces worn in new ways.

It all begins with a wish and a desire to make a difference and a love of beautiful things