Can Sustainable And Elegance Ever Go Together?

The two concepts of 'elegance' and 'sustainable' are often seen as an oxymoron. At first glance, the two sound paradoxical. That’s why 'Sustainable Elegance' is a concept that many might find surprising or even impossible. 

After all, elegance is often associated with connotations of wealth and social status, and equated with elitism, sophistication, individualism, and fashion. Sustainability, however, is synonymous with ethics, collectivity and restraint. Sadly, many people also view sustainability as being costly, unnecessary, or disruptive to their everyday life. This is a total myth because being elegance is not a privilege only for the wealthy and being sustainable certainly doesn't have to be costly or disruptive to our life and living. In fact, it has nothing to do with wealth or status or ethic.

But, if we go beyond this misconception and return to the very definition of elegance - which is 'the willingness to use the least amount of energy to create the maximum effect', we can instead see that being sustainable has the same energy as being elegance. Moreover being elegance is at its essence very close to being sustainable because it is nourished by dynamic awareness, effortless ingeniousness, simplicity of being, and consciously choosing, thus enriching the world.

Anyone can become sustainable elegance, if he or she chooses to be it and applies it to everyday life. By reinforcing the generative energy of elegance, 'sustainable elegance' can help open new horizons for sustainability, liberating it from its wholesome, hippy image and allowing for more aspirational expression and innovation.

Befrabjous = Sustainable Elegance

What is a Sustainable Elegance Lifestyle?