Our Team

BeFrabjous is all about discovery!
It all begins with a wish and a desire to make a difference and a love of beautiful things.


CHUTISA BOWMAN -  Chutisa is the founder and a curator of BeFrabjous, an online hub that raises awareness of the social and environmental impacts of our personal choices.

Chutisa is committed to creating a life and a business that generates different possibilities in the world.  After working as a successful fashion model when she was younger, and a senior retail buyer for a leading Australian corporation for over 20 years, Chutisa became aware of a need for a go-to destination for fashion ideas and products that combine both aesthetics, style and sustainability. 



JANYN REYES - Janyn is a social media co-ordinator and photographer who creates beautiful images for the BeFrabjous site and for the BeFrabjous Instagram presence. She is passionate about photography, video and audio production. Janyn volunteers her skills and abilities to non-profit organisations, working closely with JOY 94.9 and Melbourne's Community TV. She is also trained in creative writing, social media communication, and journalism. She is well acquainted with modern technology and various communication platforms. Janyn is currently a student in Melbourne, taking up Media Communications.