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The Womanly Art of Ageless Living

The Womanly Art of Ageless Living is about the ability to live a life without limitation and to embody and be the greatness that we truly are.

While it is true that life and living often involve getting older, it does not always have to be associated with aging, decline, frailty, deterioration, or reduced quality of life. We can make growing older a different experience. There are so many more possibilities available to us than we realize. How we decide to get older is a matter of choice. As we get older, we do not have to conform to this reality's viewpoint of what that is supposed to be. We can choose to become agelessness while getting older. That involves making a commitment to living a life without limitation - maintaining a sense of curiosity, wonder, joy, generosity of spirit and excitement about our aliveness and the world around us.

Agelessness is not about anti-aging or anti getting older, and it certainly isn't an adversarial stance against growing old. Instead, it embodies the greatness that we truly are and allows us to be the energy, space and consciousness that agelessness is.

It doesn't matter how old we are right now. We are never too old to live a life without limitation, and never too old to embody and be the greatness that we truly are. Our best years are certainly not behind us. It is never too late to change the way we think about growing older or to create the life that we desire.

We have many choices and many different ways to express our creativity and experience the pleasures in life. Feeling good in our body, embracing or recapturing our sexualness, beginning new interests, projects, or ways of living, is just a choice.

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