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Why Entrepreneurs Need to Think Differently

Most entrepreneurs and business owners have a desire to generate a thriving and prosperous business, but when it comes down to the crunch, few are prepared to develop the capacity to be, do, have, create, generate and receive everything that will allow this to occur.

The limits of our success are based on our willingness to allow ourselves to be the gift to ourselves, to our business and to the world. The key issue is that most of us are not willing to be the gift in our lives.


Everyone is capable of achieving great things and accomplishments, but many times we refuse to see ourselves as a gift and to be the gift we could actually be. Possibility is what we all have; total possibility. If you function from being the gift of you and look at what is truly possible, you can open the door to greater possibilities… ALWAYS.

What you are willing to be and receive determines the level of success you can generate in your business and in your life. It is essential to look at what you are unwilling to ‘BE’ because this determines the level of success and abundance you are willing to have.  For most of us, the main thing we are unwilling to be and receive is the greatness of us.

You are being the gift when you are willing to be and receive the greatness of who you truly are. From our ‘Right Riches For You’ perspective, it matters greatly whether or not we are able to be and receive the greatness of us. The truth is, when you make a choice to step into being the greatness of who you truly are, you simply become that energy. You become a creator of a different possibility. It has to be a choice. It’s the same thing with having money; it has to be a choice you make.

So, if you think you need to figure out how to be the greatness of you, and if you don’t believe that all you need to do is just make the choice to be the energy, you cut off the possibility of receiving money and true wealth, as well as receiving the greatness of you.

When you are not willing to receive the greatness of who you truly are, you would be in a constant state of judgment of yourself, doubt of yourself, and looking at you as somehow wrong. Then you would let the controls of other people’s points of view, other people’s realities, judgments and decisions be the controlling factor in your life. This is something we all do in our lives. We say, “I can’t do that or I don’t know how.” Instead, ask, “What will it take for me to be that, to have that and to make this work?” It is a different point of view that you have to begin to function from if you truly wish to generate money and wealth.

So, what is it going to take for you to be able to be and receive the greatness of you?

Ask yourself these questions -  

  • What is it that you have been unwilling to be that you truly can now be?
  • Where are you creating your life as normal rather than a source of possibility?
  • What would you have to be or do to have a different reality?
  • What choice could you make today that would allow you to receive the greatness of you right away?

Please know that there is no right answer - the questions are simply designed to raise your awareness of what it would take for you to embody and be the greatness of you.

You have to make the demand: “My life is changing as of now." Ask “What can I change today?”  and “What can I be or do different today to change my reality right away?” That’s how to function from outside your own perceived reality on what you think is possible.

Every day, ask for the greatness of you to show up.

Being 'the greatness of you' means being present in your life in every moment. It’s about being in a highly aware state, in which you have no capacity to judge but are aware of everything.

When you choose to be the gift you are, you become the source and the catalyst that can create the reality and the future you would actually like to have. From this space, it is possible to create anything.

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