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Why Creativity is the Secret Ingredient

Creativity is the Secret Ingredient  for happiness and success. It is central to our future prosperity. 

Creativity is a constant state of being aware that there is a different possibility. It is the awareness of new ideas and the ability to make new things. It's an innate ability and natural gift which, when cultivated well, can enable us to achieve the most remarkable things. When we are willing to embrace our creativity we become more resilient, more innovative, more productive and generally happier about our life.

Creativity is a way of being, not a technique. Life and living can be filled with creative moments, as long as we're flexible and open to new possibilities. We often think about creativity as making something, but in truth the origin of the word "creativity" means ‘to grow’. When we are creative we feel as if the world, and all that is in it, is vibrantly alive. Creativity is an ability that can be fostered and it is really a function of everything we do.


5 ideas for experiencing creativity in everyday life

1. Acknowledge that you are creative. The first step to increasing your creativity quotient is believing you can. Creative pursuits are not confined to the arts or the design world. Everything we do can be addressed in a creative manner, from training for a triathlon, raising kids, or solving a problem at work.

2. Develop open-mindedness and follow your curiosity. Let your awareness guide your steps. Be playful and have fun. Playfulness is itself a creative state. Creativity flourishes when things are done for enjoyment. 

3. Take a risk and step out of your comfort zone. You need to be willing to take risks in order to advance your creative abilities. 

4. Be willing to let go of any fixed point of view. Look at life in a whole new way and learn to see things with a different eye. Avoid rigid, set patterns of doing things.

5. Simplify and clear the clutter from your life. Complications get in the way of creativity. Find ways to simplify projects, simplify processes, remove barriers and cut out everything extraneous.

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