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What's holding you back from living the life you desire?

Are you living the life you’ve always wanted to? Or have you settled into the norm?

Do you know "What's holding you back from living the life you desire?"

Most of us unconsciously set up our life based on the status quo, according to normal points of reference we’ve had from the time that we were little.  It’s a viewpoint we have bought as real and true. We’ve been entrained to believe that it's normal to look to past experiences as the source of what we would like to create as the future.  That is the reason so many of us end up sabotaging our success.

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Creating our life based on the past at the very most keeps us surviving. But at the same time, it prevents us from blossoming and flourishing.  Remarkable outcomes and outstanding success can be generated only from adopting a different mindset and actions. Living based on the norm obligates us to stay within our comfort zone and prevents us from going beyond the bounds of what is deemed normal and customary by society. We have no choice but to yield to the level of average, unremarkable, mediocre, and run-of-the-mill.

If you are not happy with your circumstances right now, please recognize that you can make new choices and begin to change your circumstances for the better. And if you want to change your circumstances right now, you must consciously choose to break the limitations so you can create a whole new possibility.  If you're determined to have a more generative and prosperous life, you can't rely on the old ways of doing things or you'll end up exactly where you started.

Listen to what you think and say and that will expose all your limitations. Once you do, you will understand why you act and react in certain ways. And that awareness is a key step to making a pivotal shift in your life so that you can overcome obstacles and embrace opportunities to ultimately live the life you’ve always wanted to. The sooner you relinquish this limited mindset, the sooner you’ll become truly fit to create a prosperous life.

When you begin to recognize that you are choosing a limitation, you can ask “What else can I choose?” When you know it’s a limitation and that you have been choosing it anyway, it will change your reality. Then you can ask “What else do I know that I didn’t even know I knew?” 

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