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How Understanding Your Creative Workflow Can Change Your Life

Do you believe that achieving your target has to be strict and schedule-based? Does it work? Maybe. Does it make you enjoy your work and produce your best possible creation? Probably not.

Forcing yourself to create on schedule never works! When you are trying to force yourself to sit down and create on a schedule, then there are bound to be problems. The fact is that when you are not in a creative zone you will not produce your best possible work, and it will show. 


What most people create is based on the amount of energy they put into continually controlling things, to get what they want when they want it.  Most people believe that they’ve got to do hard work. 

They believe that control and force are the source of creation. They often use force and effort to make things happen. When you put rigid guidelines on creativity you can actually stifle the creative process rather than help it.

The Greeks used the idea of a 'muse' existing because they believed that creativity was about following the inspiration from the universe. It's about learning to follow energy rather than trying to push it. The creative process is not about using force and effort as a way of making things occur in your life.

Whether you believe in a muse or not, the fact of the matter is that sometimes, the inspiration to create simply isn't there. That can be challenging for some, even discouraging. But once you stop putting pressure on the inspiration to show up, that is usually when the workflow becomes effortless. 

When you feel stuck, you must step away from the project, do something different, get outside or go for a walk.  The question you need to be functioning from is: “What’s really possible here, that I’m not even seeing?”

When you are noticing a stuckness in energy and you ask: “What’s possible here?” you often become aware of what’s not possible first. People try to ignore what is not possible, and try to force it into existence, thinking that’s the better way to do it. There is an easier way.

You do not want to put yourself in a position where you are burning yourself out. That is why it is helpful to pay attention to when you create the most comfortably and under what conditions you are able to produce your best work. The key to creating great work is not to force it. 

Forcing things can often repel the very outcome you most desire. The moment you stop trying so hard to make something happen, the creative process will work itself out much better on its own, than it does when you try to push or force it to.

You can't use force and effort,  but, what if you were to create from receiving? The only way you can create in the moment and be on the edge of generation of different possibilities is if you’re willing to let go of the control, force and effort. Then you can receive everything that is available to you, and all possibilities show up.  However, you have to be willing to receive everything without judgment.

It really does happen this way…by the willingness to surrender the need to create, that we find the outcome we most desire. When you let go of control, force and effort, you’ve actually opened the door to constantly be in the state of generation rather than creating it based on the need to achieve a particular result. 

The universe knows where you are going, where you have to be and what you are going to have to have available. It is preparing everything for you to the best of its ability and you get in the way of it by not choosing to receive the inspiration.

It’s not about controlling when it shows up. It’s about allowing it to show up and being willing to receive it when it does.

The muse can strike at any given moment, its true. But she is more likely to visit with somebody who will know exactly how to accommodate her. Understanding your creative workflow can help you to achieve things you might only have dreamt before.

The key is to surrender. Instead of attempting to control everything around you, be willing to open yourself to the unexpected. Be willing to allow things to happen, instead of trying to make things happen. Without force, the muse will naturally find you.

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