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Travel is an investment in ourselves

It has been more than a decade since my husband and I made being a sustainable  globe-trotter a major part of our life and living. Our quest is to live deliberately with awareness and to claim and acknowledge our ability to exist and flourish wherever we are in the world. We see investment in travel as investment in ourselves.

In my view, travel is the most profitable investment that any of us could ever make. Our future is in a large part determined by our willingness and ability to invest in ourselves now. Choosing to invest in travel can yield not only future gains, but often a current benefit as well. Each of us can add travel to our lives, even a small journey now and again, and the by-product can be a dynamically entertaining life.  The extent to which we invest in ourselves not only shapes the way we create our life and our future, it often reflects the way we are being a contribution to the world.

Traveling allows us to see the world through different eyes. It presents us with amazing opportunities to gain awareness and new points of view about different cultures, people, places and food.

Be curious about everything in the place you are visiting. You want to be the question at all times. When you are being the question, you are in a state of curiosity. Curiosity will lead you to new adventures and possibilities. Different possibilities can exist when you're willing to immerse yourself in a new culture and different ways of life and living.


“We cannot discover new oceans unless we have the courage to lose sight of the shore.” ......... Andre Gide


Immersing ourselves in a new environment can be a culture shock at first, but it tends to impel and move us out of our comfort zone and open the doors for growth and for different possibilities. One of the gifts of travel isn't just how it makes us see life and the world differently—it's how it makes us see other people differently. Simply engaging fully in a different culture, a different way of being, thinking and doing things for several days can inspire our creative abilities to new heights. And not only will we be more creative, we’ll be happier and with a new outlook on life. When we do so, our life changes for the better.


For me, travelling around the world makes me independent, generative, creative and wonderfully happy. Regular globetrotting gives me access to a life of endless adventure, infinite possibility, generative awareness and expanding  joy.

Yes, I freely admit it: travelling the world has become an obsession for me. Travel is about so much more than just take a relaxing break from everyday life or to see new things as tourists. I use our international traveling experiences to sculpt my work. My exposure to new and different cultures enables me to write some of my best work. My books and my blog posts are heavily inspired by my time spent travelling around the globe.  

Travel definitely plays a large role in determining the quality of my life now and in the future. It allows me to grow personally and professionally.

Investment in travel is undoubtedly a real investment in yourself. The fascinating thing is that globetrotting truly makes a difference in my life, my well-being, and my ability to thrive and perform to the best of my ability.

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