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The secrets to overcoming the biggest barriers that prevent you from starting a business

In the previous blog, we explored the biggest barriers that seem to prevent women from starting to create the business they would like to create. This blog looks at the secrets to overcoming these barriers.

First, it is important to identify such barriers in order to overcome them...... i.e. fear of failure, fear of judgment and ridicule, fear of making mistakes, fear of taking risks, fear of change, and fear of the unknown can all be factors which can hinder our ability to start our business.

So now that the barriers have been identified, how do we change them? All we have to do is choose to live in the question.  If we function in life from living in the question, we’ll never be functioning from conclusion or from a limited point of view. We’ll be in the present. Nothing will ever trap us. Every question we ask, has an energy to it, and when we ask a question that energy goes into action and presents us with a different awareness.

The secrets to overcoming the biggest barriers that prevent you from starting a business

What I would desire for you is that you make the choice to let go of the barriers. It's important to realise that you always have a choice. When something comes up and you’re like; “Ahh, I can't do it, this is not possible for me.”, you have the choice to start looking at your points of view and to ask questions. ..... “What do I have to be or do today to create this business right away?” The only person who actually creates a business is a person who is willing to be or do something different. I am inviting you now to see yourself as an agent of change in your own life.

When you’re willing to be and do different, you create and generate something. If you’re not willing to be or do different, then you will be stuck behind old attitudes, old excuses and old alibis for not becoming fully capable and competent in the area of business and entrepreneurship. No more hiding behind excuses. So begin by asking “What can I be or do different today to create a different result in my life and living right away?” 

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The biggest barriers that prevent women from creating business