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The Only Certainty Is Change

Nothing in life is certain, apart of course from uncertainty itself.  No one has a crystal ball, and no one can tell the exact outcome of the choices you will make. When you make a choice, you don’t know for sure what it's going to create. In fact, everything you choose creates something, except most of the time it doesn't turn out the way you wanted

Nothing in life is certain, apart of course from uncertainty itself. 

Are you willing to let your life be a wild adventure? If you like to have security and you hate uncertainty, then you’ll never let yourself have the freedom to have the adventure of living and you will not create your life beyond your limitations.

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The adventure of living is the ability to live with uncertainty. 

The adventure of living is continually exploring, and creating possibilities from the question and the choice. This is about letting go of the predictability of your limitation and choosing to have the adventure of going beyond it.  If you’re living from this space, you get to see what is in front of you and you get to see new and different possibilities with ease. It’s a whole different world. 

If you are not willing to live with uncertainty, you will limit what you can be or have or receive. 

If you are not willing to live with uncertainty, you will never create a life that is more than what you currently have. Is that really what you want? Most people are unwilling to take the risk or to live with uncertainty, because they don’t want to lose what they already have. Are you one of these people who won’t let yourself gain because you might lose?

You could ask: “What risk could I take here that would not be gambling, but would create a different possibility?” When you take a risk, you are not just throwing it on the crap table and rolling the dice. You are actually looking at what might be possible if you were wise enough to invest this way. You have to be willing to do and be that instead of trying to pretend you can’t.

For example, if you get on a bicycle for the first time, you risk falling off; chances are, you probably will. However, this risk carries a gain, the ultimate pleasure of being able to ride a bicycle. The risk was worth its reward. You could classify this as a low-level risk. While you might sustain a few scrapes, scratches and bruises as you learn this new skill, you know you are unlikely to die in the process.

A high-level risk might be crossing Niagara Falls on a tight rope, with no net. The risk of death is much, much higher. Some people take risks such as these to attain the adrenaline rush that accompanies dangerous risk.

The French acrobat Charles Blondin in 1859 was the real-life daredevil who did just that, by all accounts taking pleasure in the gambles and bets people placed on whether he would live or die. He did succeed in his feat, although the betting odds were stacked against him doing so.

Reflect on your childhood.  What risks were you willing to take? Do you let your life be a wild adventure?

Small children, with their naturally curious approach to the world around them, are very likely to take risks, in their desire to learn, grow, and move. Some of them may be climbers, some may do backflips or somersaults, some may try squeezing through the bars in the railings to see if they can do it, and end up getting stuck!

Children fall into rivers, slide into the mud, rock climb, jump off high places, climb trees, fall out of lofts, accidents occur, and for the most part, they survive and they learn.

Every time you take a risk and survive, what happens? You learn something new about the world that you didn’t know before, and more often than not, you learn something about yourself, your own skills and strengths and capacities.

Living life to the fullest is a continuous state of generation, creation, and possibilities. You have to be willing to take risk and have different possibilities. You have to be willing to wake up and ask; “What else is possible and what grand and glorious adventures am I going to have?” which means you have to continually generate your life.


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