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The key elements of Ageless Style

Having an ageless style is different from being fashionable or being on top of the latest trends. It is not a matter of wearing haute couture or expensive, fashionable clothes. Ageless style is a way of being in the world that is based on awareness and choice.  It is a level of energy that feels like there is a sense of unlimited choice and possibilities. 

When a woman really embraces ageless style, she has a certain timeless elegance about her style. She strives to find qualities to celebrate in herself and put aside her intellectual modesty and self-deprecating mannerisms and struts her stuff with gusto. She takes pleasure in everything and lives her whole life based on the joy of it.

So, the first key element is about having joy in our life. It's the joy of being alive.  It is the spot we choose to be. Ageless style follows joy! If we want to have ageless style, we have to have joy in our life. We have to be willing to see what kind of joy and fun we can have with our life. It's about celebrating our life, no matter where we are.

The second element of ageless style is about being comfortable in our own skin. This is an inner confidence - the ability to stay true to what we desire, following our awareness and instinct. Ageless style is an art, it is something that is personal, and it begins with us having confidence in ourselves. It means being true to our unique outward self in conjunction with our inner self expression.  Inner confidence.. if we have it we can make anything look great.  It's a direct expression of our personality, our viewpoint about life and who we are choosing to be. To get the hang of it, we have to be willing to let go of our self-doubt and claim our inner gifts and talents. Our ageless style will expand exponentially once we are willing to acknowledge who and what we are. Indeed, to watch a woman who has claimed, owned and acknowledged her gift and talent is a treat.

The third element of ageless style is the willingness to be and do something different. Ageless style comes from knowing who we are and who we want to be in the world. It does not come from wanting to be somebody else or wanting to be skinnier, taller, prettier etc. We have got to choose to be everything we are, regardless of whether anybody else goes along with it and regardless of what's going on in the world. When we are willing to be and do something different we will start to create our life from what is possible that we had never even considered.

With these 3 key elements, you will have a good foundation upon which to establish your own personal ageless style choices.

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