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The Amazing Audrey Hepburn's Style

For me, it all started with the movie 'Breakfast at Tiffany's' - the image of Audrey standing in front of Tiffany’s on Fifth Avenue as Holly Golightly, in her Givenchy column gown. That image has inspired my own personal style. Audrey Hepburn's style is all about the perfect little black dress, elegant tailored pieces, and a simple color palette.  

Graceful, elegant, and unafraid to explore avant-garde silhouettes, Audrey made pants a female fashion statement and the little black dress a staple part of a modern woman’s wardrobe.  

Her love of flats gave me an out from those cumbersome stilettos. Audrey demonstrated that we don't have to wear heels to look and  feel sexy.

As I move through different stages of my life, I found that the classic silhouette still resonated, it’s the easiest thing I can wear. But what I love best about Audrey Hepburn's style is her sustainable elegant way of being. She was able to create amazing style because she was confident in her own skin and didn't take herself too seriously.

Here are 5 essential style lessons I learnt from Audrey ......

1. Embrace your signature style - discover what works for you and stick with it.  Wear clothes you can be yourself in. It can take a lot of the guesswork out of getting dressed. Choose a few signature items that go perfectly with the rest of your wardrobe, this will create a cohesive look that is completely your own. One signature piece is worth more than 10 pieces of the latest trend. A few well-made elegant garments in your closet are all you require to be sustainable elegant. They can be worn year after year and can be freshened up with new trends from each season. If you have one silhouette that fits your body and personality perfectly, stick with it and dress it up or down for the occasion. For example, an ankle -length pants and simple black flats are Audrey's signature style. She wore her flats with every outfit, from ankle-length pants to circle skirts, and somehow she always looked amazing. 

2. Keep things simple and elegant - Stick to simple designs and simple silhouettes, allow your presence and natural features to capture the attention. Start with an elegant design, well-made, effortless garment and add a few accessories from there.  Stay away from overly-designed cuts or loud patterns. It is important to pay attention to fit. If a garment fits, then there is no need to add extra complexity to it with too many fuzzy designs or patterns. A simple and elegant outfit made up of ankle -length pants and a classic top has a lot more charm when you wear a colorful pair of pumps and a gorgeous statement necklace. You can also add pattern and texture with a colorful scarf, or add shine with a pair of statement earrings. In my view classic jewelry, an oversized hat, a scarf, and a pair of sunglasses are more than enough to complete the look.

3 Good Posture Is imperative for sustainable elegance - by carrying yourself with poise and relaxed grace, you will always look stylish and poised. This will certainly helped you wear clothes more elegantly too. In  my view Audrey Hepburn has a most amazing posture and poise, as well as a graceful elegance manner, whether she was working in her garden or walking the red carpet for a premiere. Good posture is one of Audrey’s personal style factors. It wasn’t what she was wearing, but how she wore it. It’s a great reminder that sometimes style can’t be bought.

The way in which you carry yourself is a choice, and it can make or break even the most amazing outfit, so stand up straight and feel confident.

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