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Taking charge of your life beyond your career - It's your choice

Ending your successful career unexpectedly can be very challenging – especially when your life and your reality have been defined by your career success. This kind of career setback can happen to anyone at anytime. How you handle them, however, can affect your choice and your future.

For women 50+, it can be overwhelming when you are being laid off, or unexpectedly being asked to leave a successfulcareer behind. This situation can create self-doubt, and can make you feel demoralized, blocked, hopeless, or helpless. Sometimes this sort of career hitch can distort your sense of reality, discourage you, and at worse, cause you to give up.

The disappointment can be crushing, it can make you feel like the world is crumbling, but please recognize that it is not the end of your world. You have many more choices and unlimited possibilities. There is always a route to new and different possibilities, whatever setbacks you are facing.

You always have choice, where you actually have possibilities of creating different possibilities. This is truly possible if you want to grow and expand beyond where you are currently. Wouldn’t it be nice if your past career seemed irrelevant?

You have far more possibilities than you ever imagined.  You can choose to be the totality of you and you can start creating a new reality, if you choose it. As you step into the greatness, the possibility that gets created for you is infinitely greater.

Many women have successfully transitioned and created an even greater life than one they had before. Don’t give up hope, rather start asking yourself questions that will open up possibilities for you. One such questions is "And what else is possible?"

Ignite changes in your life

Every day, ask for the greatness of you to show up.