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A Brighter Future Is Possible!

It's never too late to create a bright future. My sixtieth birthday is approaching, and I have been asking myself one question: “What would I like to have as my life and my reality over the next 5 years, 10 years, 20 years and even 30+ years? This is the central question upon which all future creation hinges.

From asking the question above I became aware that more than anything else, I was definitely not choosing to be in pursuit of retirement from active life and living. I would like to create an amplified future, an expansive life and a joyful life. I am choosing to seize the day to live each precious moment fully and with as much gusto as possible. I choose to take chances, to open myself to new and different possibilities, and do many more things that are important to me - laugh more often, have more fun and more adventure. I am interested in what I can be and do that will create a different reality.

To create this as my future I realised that I would have to start today by making choices that not only serve me well in the short run but set me up for the future where I would like to be, have, create and generate. My future depends on the choices I make today. Here are my 3 key choices: 

1. Willing to enter into the realms of uncertain outcomes. To step into this space I have to move out of everything I ever thought was real and let go of any identity I thought was true. It isn't always comfortable or easy to create and generate from a chaotic system. It can be really intense and uncomfortable, which means I always have to be in allowance of chaos and step into it and let it be what it is. The choice to be with the intensity of uncertain outcomes has given me the awareness of how to be with uncertainty. It’s the intensity of lightness and joy, not the intensity of density.

2. Leading a life without limitation. To lead a life without limitation I have to be aware of the points of view and constructs that create limitations and barriers to what is possible for me. I have to be willing to  let go of what holds me back so I can create a reality that works for me. With conscious choice, we can all choose to lead a life without limitation. But we will get there only if we choose to create a life that goes beyond the limitations of what the rest of the world thinks is important. We have to be willing to have a life without reference points. Every single day, I make space for my creativity to expand.  I am willing to commit to me, regardless of anything.   “Who am I today and what grand and glorious adventures am I going to have?” I make a commitment to living a life without limitation.

3. Our future is a reflection of our choices.  We have to choose in order to have the awareness of what our choice creates. We have to be willing to choose, let it take off on its own, and go where it will go. Once we start choosing based on choice, eventually we will have an awareness of what our choices will generate and create. It begins with a choice. I am choosing everyday  to live life for the fun of it. A generative life is a life that’s dedicated to how joyful the life can truly be. In fact my whole life is about doing it for funI am choosing to do everything in my life for the fun of it and to walk through this world and BE the awareness that judgment isn’t a necessity. I stop choosing for the same reasons everybody else does, and just choose because it would be fun.  There is only one reason to do anything – because it would be fun for me. Every morning I wake up and ask; "What would be fun and rewarding for me today?”...  I also ask these questions “What would bring me joy to do today?” “What would be more fun to do today than anything else I can do?” and then I go and do it. These questions allow me to continually generate my life. 

Wear what is right for you

Wear what is right for you

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