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Powerful ways to create the life you desire

To create the life you desire you have to know what you want your life to be about. You have to become aware of what that life would be like for you.  This is not about defining your life in terms of a car, a house or objects. It's about being aware of the energy you’d like your life to be. It's a new way of interacting energetically with money and your life, which creates entirely new possibilities for you. It is a different point of view that you have to begin to function from if you truly wish to generate and create wealth. 

Here is a way of creating the energy of your life. You look at your life and ask:

  • What would I like to have as my life?
  • What do I want to have in my life?
  • What do I want to physically actualize as my life?

These are great questions for getting clarity about generating the life you would like to have. Your awareness operates at a level far more expansive and creative than your mind. If you ask yourself these questions, you can generate your life as you would truly like it to be. You get the general energy of what your life would be like if you were doing everything you really wanted.


Generating your life from the energy is about functioning from question, choice, possibility and contribution instead of using your mind to create your life. The mind creates assumptions, conclusions, as well as concepts, how-to's, or definitions based on limited workability and limited possibility. The mind operates in a way that automatically limits what is available to you.

When you start looking at your life as an energy, at the things you desire to bring into your life as an energy, it starts giving you this whole other awareness of possibilities of ways to be and of things you can generate.  Looking at your life as an energy gives you clear directions about what you would like to choose.

Creating your life from the energy is realizing the elements of what you would like to have in your life. Please recognize that becoming financially independent is not just about acquiring a lot of money. Rather it is to have the life that makes your heart sing. You must get the energy of what that life would be like. So, get that energy then put it out in front of you, pull energy into it from all over the world, until you feel that energy start to grow. Then you let little trickles go out to all the investments and the people that are looking for you and don’t know you. Then, anything that feels like that – do it. Anything that doesn’t feel like that – don’t do it.

When you trust your awareness, follow your knowing and act on them both, new possibilities become actualized with amazing precision.

Most people are not trying to create their life; they are trying to get through it. If you just want to create a life that is better than what you have now, or if you think you’d like your life to continue to be better, that is not creating a life.

Knowing what's important to you and how you want your life to be is an essential element in creating your life and generating wealth. When you know what you would like to create as your life it will be relatively easy to work out what you need to be and do different and how much wealth you need, to create the life you desire.

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