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Our points of view influence the way we age

There seems to be a lot of misconception that surrounds the topic of ageing. The ageing process gets a bad rap! For some reason, our society is very obsessed with the negative aspects of ageing. Society conditions us to see getting old as an aberrant crises. It's everywhere. When you think about it, isn't that a crazy notion?

I've seen so many women dazed by the idea of ageing and treat the topic of ageing and getting old with a sense of dread and apprehension.  If you're like most people, you may have many points of view about getting old and ageing that you're not even aware you have. These points of view are the reason why the anti-ageing consumer product category continues to expand.

Getting older for many people is rife with emotional woes including fear of losing one's independence, fear of not having enough money as they get older, worry about decreasing physical ability or getting a serious illness. They spend their time whining about the past rather than what they can be or do different that will create different possibilities for them.

Our points of view and the way we live determine the way we age. If we think about getting older in terms of decline or disability, our health likely will suffer. Negative stereotypes about ageing are the limitation of this reality. Over the past decades, many studies from scientists and medical doctors have shown that older people who have negative views of ageing tend to struggle with their health and well-being more than those with a more positive attitude about getting older.

When we buy into these negative stereotypes and truly believe the idea that getting old is a bad thing, we will create that as our reality. We are doing potentially serious harm to our health without realising it. 

What if there is a different way of being and living that will allow us to age in a different way? What if we can change the way we feel about ageing? Scientists are discovering something very interesting about ageing. How we feel about getting old matters. A lot! If we see ageing in terms of opportunity and growth, our body will become more generative. Ageless living is a choice, and our attitude can truly create different possibilities. 

We have a choice in life. We can choose to believe in the negative stereotypes about ageing or we can have an ageless life and living. It's all about looking at things from a slightly different point of view. And there is a way to generate something totally different in our life if we change the way we view things. When we really begin to embrace ageless living, that is when ageing gracefully begins.

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