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Nothing is more valuable than your consciousness and your choice

Kenyan Julius Yego secured a gold medal at the World Athletics Championships in Beijing in javelin. His throw of 92.72m won the competition by four meters, and was not far away from the current world record of 98.48m. What is remarkable is that Yego is almost entirely self-taught. He developed his capacity to throw javelin and for receiving everything that is possible from 'YouTube' videos. “I watched YouTube and it really paid off for me, to see the training techniques and skills they are using,” Yego told CNN. “I do not have a coach, my inspiration comes from within.” 

Everybody in Kenya is a runner,  which means that there aren’t that many coaches who can train those who are interested in other disciplines, such as the javelin. Julius had to incorporate awareness to create something greater for himself. His desire to be the best had created inspiration, that which brought him to an awareness of what he always thought was possible. Julius made the choice to be the best and he became aware of what he could be and do different by watching the Youtube training videos.

This is how he started creating his life – the awareness of different possibilities, so that he had the perception, so that he had the receiving, so that he had the knowing, which allowed him the choices, the possibilities, and the questions that contributed to actually having the life he would like to have. 

Julius Yego demonstrated that "If we are inspired we will be able to see what others have been unwilling to receive." He truly proved that when we’re on the edge of creation with our life, then we’re never going to divorce awareness to create something. 

To develop the capacity for receiving everything that is possible for you, ask “What can I do or be today that will inspire me?” Then you can ask questions. "What would it take for me to succeed? What do I need to be aware of here? What can I change? What question can I ask that will change this? What else is possible?" 

If you start asking for, “What else is possible here?” you will have a little more awareness in the knowing, and just as much perception. You will also receive more information, which will take all of that, put it together, and make it a more substantial possibility, which gives you choice and questions to create different possibilities. 

It all depends on your point of view

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