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Living with joy and curiosity, not drama and dread!

Life can be complicated. It can be simple. It can be fabulously joyful or sad. It isn’t what we have, or who we are, or where we are, or what we are doing that makes us happy or unhappy. It's what we think about. It's our attitude about life and living. First of all, we need to realize and appreciate that happiness is a choice, our choice. We have to make a choice to either be happy or unhappy. This is one of the most important things we must claim, own and acknowledge if we choose to have a remarkable life.

Over a decade ago I learned a big lesson during a difficult time in my business ventures.  I became aware that very little is needed to make a happy life; happiness is all within ourselves, in our way of thinking and being. And the only way to happiness is to never rely on someone else for your happiness. According to the Dalai Lama, happiness is not something ready-made. It comes from our own actions. And do you know what's really remarkable? Right now, no matter where we are, we are a single choice away from happiness. This takes some discipline and commitment, but the rewards are ample.

"The purpose of our lives is to be happy."......  Dalai Lama

We can live with joy and curiosity, not drama and dread. We can clear out whatever obstacles are preventing us from living our most joyful life, with the simple acknowledgment that it's our responsibility to make ourselves happy.  We may not have a choice over the situation that's taking place and we certainly can't control other peoples' behavior or actions in a particular moment in time, but how we react to that encounter is everything.

Choosing the way we react to any incident that's transpiring in our daily life is a huge deal. In fact, it could be the most important choice we ever make in our life. The simple choice to be happy no matter what actually transpires or is projected at us will change our reality. It will also change the realities of everything and everybody coming in contact with us.

So, when you move through your day and living your life, what do you think about? What is your attitude about life and living? Take a happiness reading of yourself - "Are you happy and exuberant today?".... Are you joyful this minute? If you are not happy with your day or the situation just acknowledge it to yourself “Okay, this isn’t working", and ask ...... "what do I need to change? What else needs to be different?”  When you are choosing to acknowledge the situation, you are looking at what else is possible by asking questions and making choices that create the potentials for the creation of a different reality. 

No matter who we are or where we come from, we have our own attitude and point of view about life and living. What is important to know is that we all can have our own kind of happiness and joyful moments, if we're willing to claim, own and acknowledge it. The only way to have more happiness is to cultivate it in our life. The best ingredient we can use to expand our happiness is fun and pleasure. These are all natural, and plentiful. It is always available for the asking. So sprinkle fun and pleasure moment to moment throughout your life.

It's never too late to start choosing to be wealthy

Simply being spontaneous!