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Living a Life of No Excuses

If you want to live a life of no excuses, you have to be willing to take 100% responsibility for your life. The possibility of choosing it belongs to you. The capacity of having it belong to you!

The only way to truly become a master of your own life and business success is to allow yourself to take 100% responsibility for your life.

Taking responsibility for your life is integral to accomplishment.

It may actually fall in the same category as ambition, fortitude, leadership and other driving forces behind creating a successful enterprise.

What all this basically means is that you must be willing to live a life of no excuses in order to achieve something or become successful in your endeavours.

There is a completely different reality available to you if you are willing to choose to take 100% responsibility for your life.

So how do you take 100% responsibility for your life?

The key is making a commitment to your life.

When you commit to your life, you begin to realize what you are and what you can be. The reason why some of us fail to meet our targets, despite our best efforts, is because we lack this commitment.

By making a commitment to your life, you will get a greater awareness of who you are as a person and what drives or inspires you to be and do the very best that you can.

First, you will recognise your strengths and weaknesses of what you do well and what you struggle with. This will give you a better indication of what tasks, activities, businesses and other possibilities you could work with to become the master of your own financial future.

Second, you have a willingness to be different whether anybody approves of you or not. You will begin to see that you can create you as the success, you as the possibility, and you as the inspiration for a different reality.

Third, when you are committed to your life nothing is a problem for you, and you just handle what comes up. You will be able to deal with adversity and setbacks with total ease.


The key ingredient for success

‘Commitment to your life’ plays an important role in helping you achieve success in whatever you do. It helps you hit the mark in the following manner:

  • It empowers with the resilience to persist in whatever you do.
  • It gives you the power to withstand adversities and challenges, whether physical, emotional or mental.
  • It enables you to disregard immediate satisfaction, in order to get something even greater.

Making a commitment to your life is indeed a mindset!

To really live a life of no excuses, let go of any idea that anything outside you determines your reality, your life and your future. Your life is what you make it.

It is a process of “Being” rather than “Doing”. … You begin the process at the moment when you choose to take 100% responsibility for your life.

Your life is never stagnant or fixed. It is constantly changing. You can live from choice and possibility rather than default. The questions to ask yourself are …. What do you want to be in your life? … Do you want to generate your life or have your life happen by accident?

Envision what your life would be like if you lived every moment with what you can have at your beck and call.

You have to be willing to be the source of the creation of your life and your future. If you think someone else is the source, then the one thing you will do is give up you for someone else’s point fo view.

You want to know ‘what would you like to create as your life… What amount of money would it take to create that? What would be fun for you? You want to go for what you love. That is the fun of your life’.

Making a commitment to your life is a way of being. It’s not a destination, it’s an ongoing process. It involves creating your life from the space of possibility, instead of living from the space of conclusion, projection, expectation and judgment.

In some sense, you can’t describe the space of possibility in words. It is the very fact that it is beyond words that makes it so powerful in your life.

Making a commitment to your life is the willingness to know that whatever you want in life you can get if you are willing to go get it and do it. You have access to greater possibilities.

So, do you know what it is that you enjoy doing the most? Become aware of the things that you are good at. It’s very important to be good at what you love to do if you would like to make money from it.


So what does that look like if you are making commitment to your life?

  • Know what you want … where you are going and when you are going to go for it
  • Do what brings you joy and fun, do not do what diminishes you
  • Make a demand of yourself that you will be everything you can possibly be regardless of anyone or anything
  • Create a life that works for you whether anybody else likes it or not
  • Function from the space of what would create the greatest future possibilities

When you commit to your life, you will see different choices and possibilities you never knew could be available.

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