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Lead a life of your own design - Part 3

Being proactive will change our Life

Being proactive in our creation places us firmly in full command of our own life. Being proactive is the opposite of being reactive. When we choose to be more proactive, we are able to see things as they truly are, with no judgment of right or wrong or good or bad. We are able to remain calm and imperturbable with whatever is thrown our way.

When we live our life reacting to events, people, and circumstances, it can lead to a feeling that life is just happening to us, rather than we actually being the custodian of our future. Learning how to be proactive allows us to take action to put us on the path of where we want to be, to take control of all life’s circumstances, and to regain power over our future.

When we are ready to take charge of our life and learn to be proactive, we will experience so many personal and professional benefits. Here are a few of the most profound benefits of living a proactive life.

Change no longer seems so frightening

When we live a reactionary life, we fear change and the unexpected. When we are just reacting to our life constantly, failure can seem very intimidating, even to the point that we no longer see choices and possibilities.

Learning to take a proactive approach means we are creating our own future and are prepared to receive different possibilities and take advantage of the changes that will come our way. We can use our energy for making progress toward new and different possibilities instead of dealing with events and circumstances that influence us to be reactionary.

Our choices are more informed

When we wait for life to hand us problems, then react to them, we are forced to make quick decisions and with few options. Making choices from a proactive approach allow us to see possibilities in every setback and difficulty. Being proactive gives us better information, provides us with more choices, and ensures we have the resources we need to take action. When we are reactive, we spend too much time being baffled and ill-equipped for what life has in store, which means we are not making the most rewarding choice about how to design the life we really want.

We handle problems more effectively

Living a proactive life means we are able to adapt to difficulties and setbacks more effectively, receiving them as part of the process rather than insurmountable challenges.

Designing our own life and living proactively helps us receives that life is an adventure, and each situation is a gift that will help us grow. We can cut through the illusions that others believe or fear.

When we choose to live a proactive life, everything is an endless possibility because we function from a place of awareness. We put our energy where it needs to be, and we are willing to be and receive all energies and no judgment is required.

Photo by Alex   Samuels on Unsplash

Photo by Alex Samuels on Unsplash

The good news is that our power to create our own reality is always available, it is always at our fingertips, just waiting to be claimed. We have the power to create a generative life in the midst of recession and you don’t have to be the effect of any economic hard times.

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