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Lead a life of your own design - part 1

Introduction - Designing our life

Choosing to design our life means we are choosing to create our life not just as a goal but as an adventure, as a process rather than a destination. The designed life is one that allows us to choose among many possibilities, to consider multiple pathways and weigh what energizes us and brings us joy. It is one that will enable us to fulfill our dreams whilst simultaneously creating and generating different possibilities.

Designing our life begins by examining our current situation to establish if we are truly happy. If we answer no in any of the major areas of life satisfaction, then now is the time to start designing something new, something that will bring us joy and allow us to become the greatness that we could possibly be.

There is nothing more disappointing in life than to find success at something only to discover that it does not really bring us joy. To work hard, sometimes for years, to reach a goal that does not make us feel accomplished or joyful is a waste of our precious time on earth and of our priority and drive to succeed.

Choosing to design a new life, a generative life that reveals our interests, priority, joys, and desires, is the most important thing we can do for ourselves. Design principles can teach us how to focus, when to alter our efforts, and that it is also okay to want something new. The first step to designing our life, though, is to realize that we must take control of our life rather than our life having control over us.

Designing our life is about choosing to lead a life of our own design, on our own terms. Not one that our family, our friend, the society, this reality or the environment have scripted for us.

Photo by Luke   Porter on Unsplash

Photo by Luke Porter on Unsplash

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