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No matter how old we are, it’s never too late to begin building wealth

Are you one of those people who believe that - it's too late to start creating wealth after 50?' What if that's really not true? In my view this is the number one misapprehension that has crippled many people in their ability to continue to create a remarkable life and a generative financial future. 

Building wealth has very little to do with how we earn a living, and much more to do with our attitude, our points of view, and how we think about wealth. In fact, if we are thinking it’s too late then we are already telling ourselves that it will never be possible. We must let go of that kind of negative mindset and begin to open our awareness to a new and different possibility.

Our present financial reality is a byproduct of choices we have made and our limiting points of view about money. Not having a lot of money may be more comfortable and familiar. However a change of mindset is the fertile ground where the seeds of wealth and possibility can grow. Financial freedom is not a matter of luck, fate or circumstances, but a direct outcome of making some essential changes in our outlook and in our life. 

People who have financial freedom at the highest level are not lucky. It is that they have different points of view and outlooks than everyone else. Our points of view are the things that lock us in our reality and are the basis upon which our life is created. Our own viewpoints and attitudes are the most powerful influencers in our life. The way we think and feel about money and wealth and the way we think about ourselves in regards to money and wealth are crucial factors in determining how much we ultimately have.  If we don’t believe that we have abilities and competencies to generate money and wealth, we won’t be creating a new possibility.

Our beliefs about money determine how we generate it,
relate to it, use it, and spend it.

So, generating wealth is as much about mindset as it is about wealth creation… no matter what age we are. Our points of view and our beliefs about money influence every choice, because our points of view define and confine who we are being, how we act, and what we will create as our future possibilities. We create our financial future by the choices we make.

For most of us, our points of view about money are not a true reflection of how things really are. It's a mindset we have created. If we think that we have to work hard in order to have money and we don’t have a sense of ease with it, then we will constantly create that as our reality.  One of the biggest issues with this point of view is that it constrains us to spend our life clinging to job security. These points of view are the cause of many of our so-called money problems.  So, before we begin building wealth we have to develop an ability to see things as they really are.

In order to generate money with ease, we must have a sense of ease with money.  It is a level of energy that feels like there is no lack in our life. When it comes to our financial future the responsibility is on us to get our mindset and point of view right. Let’s be honest, first and foremost we must stop taking on the limited points of view that other people buy into. We can choose differently, because our financial future will flow from our ability to be and do different. It’s about finding a new way of interacting energetically with money and our life, which creates entirely new possibilities for us.

If there is one single choice we can take today to expand our financial future, it is to acknowledge that it's never too late to begin building wealth after 50. No matter how old we are or where we are today, all we need to do is get started. The shift can and will happen when we’re ready and when we’ve had enough of our own limitation.

Firstly, stop functioning from a sense of shortage and lack. Secondly, be open to receive new and different possibilities that are available. In order to have wealth we must believe that we can do it and we must be willing to take action and do what ever it takes to achieve financial freedom. Thirdly, understand that change only comes when we’re aware enough to perceive and receive new and different possibilities. From this space we will begin to have a greater awareness of possibilities, ways to be, directions we can take and things we can generate. If we’re willing to have the things that generate money, then we’ll have money. 

The Secret to Long-Term Wealth?

Living beyond the limitations of this reality!!