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If it feels good, wear it

The secret of awesome ageless style is to feel good in what we wear. Fashion should make the wearer feel good; this is surely its primary function. Clothes can affect our attitude, they can make us more confident in all sorts of situations. In the street, at a restaurant, or at work, the way we feel in our clothes can tell a story, like the crystal ball that reveals secret insights. When  we feel good we are able to stay poised no matter what, and we are able to function at a much higher level in our personal and professional life.

The pursuit of ageless style should be enlivening and fun. And while it takes absolutely no effort to look shabby and drab, cultivating an ageless style is another matter. We have to choose to have it. The way we dress has an enormous effect on every part of ourselves. Feeling good in our clothes is liberating. It's part of enjoying life to the fullest. A woman is irresistible when she's enjoying life. 

What we wear is a reflection of what we’re thinking and how we’re feeling. How we dress conveys our self-conception and affects our self-esteem. When we dress dowdy or frumpy we feel frumpy and we don't perform as well. When we wear something that makes us feel gorgeous, the effects may be surprising - the way we move our body with joy, as well as our facial expressions and our body language can send a message that we care about ourself. When we feel good, we look good — and vice versa. 

Taking care of ourselves is not frivolous. There’s nothing superficial about a gorgeous outfit that we feel good wearing. It has the power to completely change our day around. When we feel good and confident in our clothes, we get an automatic, extra amount of generative energy. It is what builds the confidence that emanates from every pore of our being. The rewards are immediate, they truly are.  In reality, how we dress and change our appearance can make a huge difference to our life.

Follow your knowing, if you don’t feel good in an outfit, don’t wear it. Because it will never look good. No matter how on trend and stylish we are, the entire effect will be ruined if we don't feel good in what we wear.

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