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How travelling the world can set in motion a string of possibilities

A few years ago, I had a conversation with my good friend, 'Anna' who was about to retire from her job.  Anna had a number of decisions about what to do with her life, which included whether she should become a business consultant or travel the world. The idea of traveling the world was one she dreamed about but due to many reasons and justifications, it never became a reality for her. "I was all too busy", Anna vented.

We extrapolated about different choices and different possibilities. When I invited her to considered the question: "What is the choice to travel the world going to create?"...... Anna got an insight that if she chose to travel the world, she would have a more expansive future. Shortly after that realisation, Anna began to organise her life so that she could travel the world. It required the most inspiring kind of courage for her to make that choice to try something new, no matter how scary or weird.

Travelling the world for the first time was a real transformation for Anna.  Experiencing completely new cultures had an impactful effect on her perspective. Her views on life and on everything took on a new perspective. She developed a new found respect for different cultures and felt more connected to people from different backgrounds in a deep and sincere way.

Since her trip was not about being a tourist, she was able to gain entirely new perspectives on the world from the conversations she had and the meals she shared with new friends she formed in all corners of the globe. Staying at a stranger's house (from Airbnb),  finding common ground, was brand-new territory for Anna - bordering on adventurous. This allowed her to embrace experiences that were outside her comfort zone. It also taught her the art of allowance and the ability to communicate with people who speak different languages.

Anna's first long trip after she retired from her job  gave her the vivacity and the dynamism she was lacking in life, and she returned home after 10 months with a better attitude and a new awareness of her direction in life.  And because of that, her life has a new, generative layer. For the first time in her adult life, Anna felt like she had a total control over her circumstances, and she set in motion a string of possibilities that lead her to new places.

According to Anna -  this first long trip had a powerful impact on her and helped her figure out what she would like to create as her life/future and what she would like to be, do, have, create and generate. Travel shaped her life and set in motion a string of possibilities!


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