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Having fun can lead to a greater life

The power of fun is so easy to take for granted. Seldom do we do something purely for fun and no other reason. Not too many people seem to have the interest to explore fun or to choose to do things just for the fun of it. But every now and again when I chose to do things because it’s fun for me instead of because I have to - WOW! I stand in awe of the generative energy that fun presents.

Contrary to what a lot of people think, having fun is not about being silly and It doesn't have to cost tons of money. In my view, fun isn't frivolous. Fun should be a major part of our life. We don’t have to make drastic changes in order to add fun to our reality.  Everything we do has the potential to be fun! 

What if we created a life where 'having fun' was an essential element of our life, rather than the exception - where every day we get to do things just because we can, just for the fun of it? 

If we approach everything we do with an attitude of ‘fun’, we will be the generative energy that can change everything and everyone around us. Our generative energy will be transmitted to everyone we come into contact with during the course of our day.   

Never, ever underestimate the importance of having fun. My point of view is: If I can't have fun, there's no sense in doing it............. Explore a new part of town… take a walk in one of the many local parks, and nature watching. Smile at people and see how contagious can I be with my smile! Wow, it feels so amazingly expensive!

When we add fun to things we do every day, we can have a lot of fun and joy. And when we have a lot of fun, we can do amazing things. The best way to add fun to our daily routine is to do something different, no matter how big or small, as much as possible.

Fun for me is an absolutely critical element that powers my day and one of the main reasons I rarely experience boredom. It’s hard to feel dissatisfied or despondent when you are having fun. Without fun, there’s not much creation. Life without fun can be very unhealthy. 

When we can find beauty in the ordinary and be fascinated by everything that surrounds us - ah!, that is when the real fun begins..... life seems to offer a feast of adventures, opportunities, and possibilities to explore and experience. The idea is to make anything fun, no matter how small or bizarre it is. Celebrate and have fun now. Don't wait for things to change. 

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