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Hanging with a professional photographer in San Francisco

Through my work as a global consultant and workshop leader, I have the opportunity to embrace not only our aspiration of being a catalyst for change in the world, but we also get to have all the global traveling experience we enjoy.

I've found that my most delightful escapades come not from what I see, but what I experience. No matter where I go in the world, I try to savor the rhythms of daily life and embrace the local culture rather than running from this monument, to that museum, to that popular attraction.


Hanging out with a local is a sure-fire way of really getting to know a new place.  Exploring San Fransisco whilst capturing photos for my Instagram with Irina Bourova (a professional photographer) really was a fun way to experience the city. Irina guided me through fabulous local locations in and out of the city whilst taking candid pictures of me along the way.

This photoshoot session with Irina provided a generative experience and a creative outlet that’s distinctly unique from other forms of touring and sightseeing. The session lead me to unforgettable memories of San Fransisco, and the time to do more than just scratch its surface.

Irina showed me the unusual parts of the city I’d have never found for myself! The photo shoot session gave me a different experience where I learned how to take great Instagram images while exploring hidden gems of San Fransisco.


Capturing wonderful Instagram photos and savoring the rhythms of daily life as a local need not be mutually exclusive. I have packed my day in a beautiful city full of once-in-a-lifetime, authentic, local experiences, while still ensuring I saw those sights I’ve chosen to see and experience.

If you find yourself in San Francisco, contact Irina Bourova here:



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