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Does a birth always have to be hard?

If you’re like many women I have spoken to about pregnancy and childbirth, you may have points of view that you’re not even aware you have.   These points of view may be the cause of anxiety and trepidation about “what is the right thing to do and be?” What if there is a different way of being with your body and with your unborn child, that will create more ease and joy for you.

In this article Katrin Baumgärtner presents a different way women can prepare their body and mind so that pregnancy and giving birth can be much easier and less complicated!


Does a birth always have to be hard? Maybe Not... with Fascia Yoga!

By Guest Blogger
Katrin Baumgärtner

Are you pregnant and busy with how your birth is or should be? Are you looking for ways to anticipate this?

During my pregnancy, I started to get all sorts of information about the different types of birth options,  such as home birth, cesarean section, breastfeeding etc. What I lacked at that time was an awareness of my body, to connect to myself and to the Infant.

My pregnancy was marked by the thought that something could go wrong, my concentration was on the outside, what the doctor said, the CTG, the midwife. The communication with my body, with myself, was simply not there ...

Had I already known what I know now, my birth might have been much easier and less complicated!

I've had high muscle tone, hard abdominal walls, muscle spasms, and premature labor during pregnancy; the last few weeks of pregnancy were marked by back pain. The birth itself was a traumatic experience for me. It took 24 hours for our son to be born and there were stages in which I thought I was dying. This pain was the worst I've ever experienced and it took me years to get over it. Today I know that I was not really in communication with myself and my body.

I now ask myself the question of what influence fascia yoga can have on the course of pregnancy and childbirth. The stretching of the muscles and fascia, the connective tissue layers , makes them easier to slide together. This makes them elastic and flexible, which can lead to fewer tears such as stretch marks or a rupture of the perineum at birth.

By taking and holding the exercise positions, the body perception changes. The confidence in the body and the connection to the body is strengthened, from which one can only benefit at birth. The relaxation of muscular-fascial structures around the pelvis can have a significant influence on the position of the child in the womb. The pelvic floor muscles become more flexible through the exercises, the cervix can open more easily and the birth can progress faster.

A large part of the perception of pain has, in my opinion, to do with how much the body is under tension. Stress builds up in the course of life through various influences, such as tension, experiences, one-sided exercise, too little exercise, nutrition ... These tensions are continuously reduced by the exercises in fascia yoga. The body can release a lot of tension of which one is often not even aware is there (I speak from my own experience here).

So can fascia yoga facilitate childbirth? Of course, I can not give you a guarantee for that. However, when one becomes aware of the context, one understands the great influence that the state of our connective tissue can have on birth.

Finally, some information about me and my work and my background: when our son was two years old, I started doing more sport again and then discovered my interest in the human body and movement. Then I did training as a personal and health trainer and accepted a job as a sports therapist in a rehabilitation clinic. There I work now for 5 years with pain patients and stroke patients. During these 5 years, I have built up my independence and provide exercise therapy courses and fascia yoga, as well as functional strength training as a personal training. It is always about seeing and understanding the holistic context, and so I see my courses as health coaching on several levels - the movement, the psyche, so our mind and nutrition. My goal here is to help people regain consciousness of themselves and their bodies, to enable change. In this context. The idea came up to offer fascia yoga for pregnant women, so that they, too, can benefit from this holistic aspect. Currently, all courses take place in my rooms in Kronau, but it is also possible to teach the exercises online via Skype or Zoom.

There are many ways to get together, feel free to contact me if you want to know more about the courses and the coaching and we will find a way.

For more information and questions, you can contact me by email at or phone at 0049 1721885404.

You can also find me on Facebook and Google if you are looking for Katrin Baumgärtner Gesundheitscoaching.


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