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Do Your Beliefs Sabotage Your Life?

Your quality of life hinges on your ability to take charge of your fixed points of view. Your beliefs and your fixed points of view are the basis of what occurs in your life. 

Every fixed point of view you have, every rightness that you believe, every wrongness that you believe, you are limiting your ability to create abundantly, and you are limiting your ability to have different possibilities.


Many of us believe that our happiness is dependent on outside factors and on what happens to us. This, however, is not true.

Rather, our happiness depends on the way we react to what happens to us. And the same goes for every other aspect of our life too: your stress levels are a result of the way you react to events, and your ability to be productive depends on your reactions too.

Don’t believe me? ... Just for the fun of it, let’s imagine that you’re in a caravan and it’s hanging over the edge of a cliff. If you move too much then it’s going to topple over the edge into a ravine. So, when you are in this situation, then in all likelihood you will be riddled with fear. Your heart rate will increase, your blood vessels will dilate, your muscles will contract and you will start breathing quickly. You’ll sweat and your mind will be all over the place.

But now let’s imagine that you’re in the very same situation but you believe that you can fly. In that case, you’ll probably sit happily reading and not worry all too much about your precarious position!

As you can see here, your belief about the situation and about the events is what is in control of not just your mood – but your very physiology. And guess which person is more likely to survive this situation without letting the caravan fall?

Now don’t get this twisted: I am not here to tell you that holding completely deluded beliefs is the way forward! And nor should you convince yourself you can fly.

But this is merely a demonstration of the power of the mind and of your beliefs. Now if you imagine yourself in another more realistic setting you can see how your beliefs can change the way you react.

Let’s say you’re standing up on stage and you’re about to give a speech in front of lots of people.


Some of us don’t believe we can fly. Some of us think that we’re going to say the wrong thing, that we’re going to stutter and that people are going to laugh at us! We thus begin to panic and guess what? Our blood vessels dilate, our muscles contract and our heart rate goes up. Our mind begins to race which makes us more likely to make mistakes and our throat becomes dry and hoarse. The irony is that the speech is much more likely to go wrong simply because we’re worried that it might!

And now imagine the same scenario but where you believe it’s going to go well, or where you just aren’t bothered about what other people might think. This kind of calm presence is going to help you to act as though there isn’t even an audience there!

Again, it is your belief and your reaction to the event that is going to keep stress at bay.

And it’s not just these acutely stressful situations that can benefit from attitude and disposition either. Imagine for example that you come home from work and you can’t stop thinking about the last thing your boss/client/colleague said to you. Then you wonder if you sent that important last email…

How present are you going to be when you get home? How much are your family likely to enjoy spending time with you?

Imagine that you are on a great holiday but all you can think about is whether or not you left the oven on at home. How much do you think you’ll enjoy the incredible views of mountains going past your window?

Is now the time to take charge of your beliefs? What if the only thing stopping you from living life to the fullest right now, is the belief that we can’t? For every belief and fixed point of view that you have, nothing greater than that point of view can become your reality

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