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Discover your personal style at 50+

Style isn’t just about what you wear. It’s how you express and empower yourself. It is everything you are. It's real, it's alive. It's creation. It's a generative energy. There's no pretence. The clothes on your back are just one of the many ways you convey that.

A lot of times people misidentify and misapply style as image.  When we do image, we're presenting a facade for people to look at.  Image is always a picture of who we want people to see us as. We're presenting a pretence of who we are. It's one-dimensional. Personal style is not image, it is our personality. Our style is not based upon our physical beauty, we all can develop our unique personal style by learning to value all of the unique and remarkable things about ourselves.

Being 50+ is a new stage in our life, we can begin a new life and choose to live and be willing to be everything we are, no matter what that turns out to be, and regardless of whether anybody else goes along with it. 

To have elegant style and an effortless confidence in being ourselves we have to be willing to see the world with different eyes. We have to be willing to acknowledge who and what we truly are, and stop living our life by other people's points of view and standards.

Personal style is, at its truest core, self-expression. This is why we all have different styles and tastes. Personal style is not just in what we wear, it's in the music we listen to, the food we enjoy, the books we like to read, the perfume we choose, the entertainments that express us, the way we hold ourselves and an overall "lifestyle" that we embrace. It is the way we live our life. It’s the dynamic and powerful expression of who we are choosing to be. It is visceral. It resides in our being, not the head. It’s not something we think about it. We just be it. 

Where does personal style come from?

Generally, personal style is developed over the course of time. I have discovered that in order to fully cultivate my own style, I must first acknowledge my uniqueness, my preferences in life, who  I am being, my strength and also my weakness. What is true for me is not true for anyone else and in trying to find my own personal style, copying someone else's will be of no help at all to me.

I have also discovered that it is not an extraordinary privilege or a special treat that is only bestowed on some people and not to others. It is a knowable and attainable state of beingness that is available to everyone, if we choose to claim, own, and acknowledge it.

To embrace our personal style and thrive in the decades ahead, we have to think differently about the way we live and the way we create our reality. We are now at a turning point. We are entering a new era. It is up to us to choose to experience unbridled joy, exuberant expression, and the abundance of life, regardless of its challenges. All we have to do is choose to embody and be the greatness of who we truly are in everything we do. It is our choice!

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