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Cultivate The Power Of A Woman

The Power Of A Woman means living without limitation and not letting other people's viewpoints get in the way of our awareness and choice.  This is the place where we can function without judgment, without reason or justification, and create a life that goes beyond the limitations of what the rest of the world thinks is important. 

Most women spend their time whining about the past rather than putting their energy on what they would like to create as their life and living. 

It seems some people are just happy to live a normal life. While there is nothing wrong with living a normal and ordinary life, every time we play within the normal structure of this reality, we end up losing our natural curiosity towards different possibilities.

Our awareness becomes stagnated, we eliminate our awareness in order to make this reality make sense . And in the worst case, we end up giving up on all of our curiosity by constantly listening to conventional viewpoints. 

We all have the capacity to live largely and feel wonder every day, but we been lulled into idleness and inertia. I know for certain that I don't choose to live a small life - desensitized to perceiving new and different possibilities. I like every day to be a fresh start on creating and generating what is possible. On experiencing joy on every level.

I became aware that the responsibility is mine to create a new playing field. It’s dependent on me and what I choose. I promised myself that whatever happened I would never again make choices simply to fit into this reality, to fit in with everybody else, to impress others or to gain status. I would listen to my awareness, to follow my instinct and my knowing.

It's our responsibility to seize the day to live each precious moment fully and with gusto. 

When we change our outlook and the way we choose to live our life and create our reality, we change the world around us.

We can be the choice for a different possibility for this world. So often it is our presence alone, rather than some special ability that makes the difference. I will leave you with this quote - 

"The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.” 
― Eleanor Roosevelt

Every day, ask for the greatness of you to show up.

Do you know what your net worth is?