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Creating the life of our dreams

Do you have a deep yearning to create the life of your dreams before you feel like it’s too late?

All of us, even when we are doing what we enjoy, can often focus too much attention on making a good living and forget to pay attention to our dreams. We have been conditioned to operate from a fixed idea of how things are supposed to be rather than being in the generative moment of "What else is possible?"

Many women I know are so wrapped up in what they should want that they don't know what they actually do desire to create as their life. We cut off our awareness in order to live in this reality. Society conditions us to do what everyone else thinks is right. This is where we create a limitation because we cannot be aware of any other choices or possibilities. This viewpoint keeps us small and limited, it allows us to give our power away to others. It’s NEVER too late to change our point of view. And when we are willing to let go of the fixed point of view of what it has to be, something even greater can show up. 

Creating the life of our dreams requires some courage on our part. We have to be willing to choose something different and embrace change. All we have to do is choose to be present in a way that leads us to new awareness. Creating the life of our dreams is a choice, just as living from obligation is a choice. It is amazing that you can change one choice and it will change your entire life. 

We must allow ourselves to be in the space where new places and spaces can be accessed. So, creating a life of our dreams can start right here, right now. It is the spot where we choose to be the question -  "What could we do different that would create a different possibility?"

I've found that creating the life of my dreams requires constant vigilance. Staying true to what I desire, listening to my awareness and following the energy. It is about looking within, to see what would be expansive, what would be fun and following through on any and all activities that can create different possibilities and will add to my life.

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”  - Eleanor Roosevelt


Do you have the courage to pursue your dreams?

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