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Being Unstoppable - What do world class generative women have in common?

In today’s world, being unstoppable matters. We live in perhaps the most stirring and electrifying economic period in our lifetime. New realities are happening. These new realities will bring with them tremendous possibilities and an influx of unlimited potentials.

To thrive and flourish in the decade ahead will require a different mindset in addition to a more conscious way of being and living in the world. Innovation and a different way of being and looking at the world are needed to become unstoppable and become generative. Failure to do so will suppress advancement at a period when progress is vital. The next decade belongs to visionaries who will choose to function outside the confines and the limitations of this reality.

So, what does it mean to be unstoppable? It means choosing to stop functioning within the limitations of this reality and stop taking on the limited points of view that other people buy into. Being unstoppable therefore is about not being controlled by anybody else’s reality.  

Coco Chanel and Florence Nightingale are examples of women who were choosing to stop operating within the limitations of this reality. They were naturally nonconformists even in the face of unfavourable consequences. They pushed the boundaries of knowledge, exploring things that were outside of contextual reality.

They had the courage to stand alone, follow their awareness, and take what others would regard as the risky options while everyone else selected the safe route. They were supremely gifted people who saw different possibilities and were aware of different things. They undertook actions that produced societal value and shaped a future way beyond most people’s imagination. 

Both Coco Chanel and Florence Nightingale didn’t let the controls of other people’s points of view, realities, judgments, and decisions become the controlling factor in their life. They had an unshakeable courage and trust in their tenets, even though their initiatives and ventures confounded conventional practices, and often unleashed irregularity, mayhem, and chaos. They always trusted themselves and their vision, no matter what anyone else thought. They had absolutely no concern for what someone else’s point of view of them was. 

Being Unstoppable

So, how can you embrace ‘Being Unstoppable’ as a way of being in your own life?

First, you must realize that being unstoppable is a choice. It is a commitment you make to yourself not to live by anyone else’s judgment and reality ever again, no matter what. Each of us has the ability to become unstoppable. It is not an extraordinary privilege or a special treat that is only bestowed to some people and not to others. It is a knowable and attainable state of being that is available to everyone, if they choose to claim, own, and acknowledge it.

Being unstoppable is an experience of expanding your awareness beyond its present limits. It is a state of flexible awareness, with no fixed points of view. If you are to thrive and provide real value, you as the leader of your life must choose to be unstoppable. With a different mindset, you can re-imagine what is possible, discovering what you can do that is new, and how best to do it.  

5 Things You Need To Do To Be Unstoppable

1- Making the choice to choose. You have to choose to be unstoppable. It’s not a place you go to—it is who you are. When you are being unstoppable you are truly being you. You do not define yourself from the limited perspective of this reality.  You do not go by anyone else’s reality. You do not adjust your world to fit anybody else’s reality.

2- Become aware of limited points of view. To truly become unstoppable, you must come out of any limited points of view you have created.  You have to become aware of where you are functioning from, that is creating limitation in your business and in your life. The moment you take the initiative to become aware of your limitations, habits, and any unconscious conditioning, you are on the path to becoming unstoppable

3- Commit yourself to change in every aspect of your life and give up defining yourself in any way, shape, or form. You have to make a demand of yourself: “No matter what it takes, no matter what it looks like, I am going down this path.” Be willing to be vulnerable and to stay open to the new, the unfamiliar, and the unknown. Be open to all possibility and be willing to look at what you can do that will generate different possibilities.

4- You must be willing to challenge traditional perceptions, assumptions and points of view.  To be unstoppable requires you to become aware of the boundaries and restrictions that confine your behavior and then deliberately let those boundaries and restrictions go or step beyond them. This is not about breaking the rules. It is about renouncing the significance of conventions, rules, and regulations in general, and most especially those which do not contribute to your success. It is about finding more generative, dynamic, and flexible ways of being.

5- Be flexible and spontaneous. Choose to be ever aware and mindful, ready to shift strategy and tactics as the situation requires. Cultivate the ability to change and transform on a dime. The ability to change and transform on a dime comes from the capacity to adapt as needed and to create flexible structures that are appropriate and suitable for that moment.

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