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Simply being spontaneous!

I never thought I'd hear myself say this, but I have grown to truly enjoy being and living spontaneously. I began to notice that I love the sense of adventure and thoroughly enjoy practicing this affirmative response to life. It is downright liberating.

Now, I'm not talking about being reckless with our life or our choices and decisions. Living spontaneously doesn’t mean being careless or not giving enough attention to detail. Being spontaneous requires us to act in the present, being responsible for our actions no matter what they may bring. When we truly live spontaneously we become poetry in motion. We awaken more awareness which generates more choices and more possibilities in our life. 

Being spontaneous to me is rather about living and looking at our life as an energy and simply functioning from awareness. It’s a spontaneous awareness of what can be generated. It's totally different from using our mind to plan and figure things out in a linear way. 

Looking at our life as an energy goes beyond our mind, which only operates within the limited construct of this reality. When we start looking at our life as an energy, we will begin to have a greater awareness of what else is truly possible! .... ways to be, choices we can take and new possibilities we can generate. If we choose to do everything we do because it’s fun for us instead of because we have to, we will create a new playing field.

How does living spontaneously feel? The short answer is less planning, more following the energy. Planning always requires decisions, judgments, and conclusions. When we follow the energy, we can experience the joy that is available to us simply because we are free of structure, projection, expectation, conclusion, assumption and significance. 

To be and live spontaneously is to make a leap of faith, to follow our knowing, to trust ourselves in new, unpredictable and often unknown circumstances. Being spontaneous offers us a chance to do things differently. Every day brings a chance for us to try new things and discover new adventures that might provide us with different possibilities and unexpected opportunities. We can either move boldly with awareness on the path of life and live the way that is generative in a more creative, fun and fabulously unpredictable way,  or we can remain on autopilot mode, receding into the space of unawareness and self-doubt.

We have a choice this very moment - the only moment we have for certain. The only way to have more choices and more possibilities is to cultivate our ability to live spontaneously. I am pleased to inform you that being spontaneous is a skill that can be learned. This is a state of active, open, intentional attention on the present. 

When was the last time you did something spontaneous? When was the last time you did something off the cuff? If you begin to move from awareness and your curiosity, you will be doing so much for yourself.

Today is a good day to start. Begin by spending time in the present as a part of time every day. Stay curious and soak up the life around you. Ask yourself in that moment "What is happening now?Is there someplace I need to put my energy or my attention today?”  Then put whatever energy or attention you need to put there in order to keep things moving. That’s living your life from the energy of it. That is the real magic of the art of living spontaneously.

Living with joy and curiosity, not drama and dread!

Getting older is inevitable, but ageing poorly is not