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Become a truly successful entrepreneur ...Even After 50

If you have a great idea and a desire to create your own business, but are afraid to take it to the next step: this blog is for you. 

Being over 50 no longer means that you’ve passed your prime in terms of entrepreneurship. Your dreams and your desires are not impossible or out of reach for you. They're just waiting for you to choose them. When you function from choice, it’s a different reality. 

Starting a business is a big step, but if you are over 50 there might just never be a better time. Getting any business off the ground takes a lot of energy and commitment. That's why it's crucial that you love the idea of running your own business.

Your business must be the joy of your life and doing it is more fun than taking a vacation. It is simply a priority. In order to be successful, you have to really love what you do. Loving what you do is not frivolous. 

People who love what they do and do it because it brings them joy are the ones who will make money at it. Sounds cliche, yes? No, it's not. For true success does not occur unless you are doing what brings you joy.

Your main objective should not be money.

Even if you're seeing a huge financial advantage, you should never set up a business just for the money alone. If money is your prime motivator, you should consider other options.

The chances of succeeding in a business that you find exciting and fun are far greater than if you're in a business that generates huge profit but bores you, and your enthusiasm will shine through your work. This will lead to more opportunities and more money down the road. 

Not everyone is cut out to be an entrepreneur. That's why it's important for any over 50 women entrepreneurs  who want to start a business to have a "sense of excitement" about it, a sense that you will not be happy unless you start this venture. Every waking and sleeping moment should be engaged by your vision of new and different possibilities. 

Looking around me, I can see that the women entrepreneurs who are doing what they love have a certain attribute – which is often a combination of self-knowledge, vision, courage, determination, persistence and resilience. Every day they wake up and can't wait to get started on their business and at the end of the day, have a knowing that they are functioning from a place of choice - just because they can, and because it is fun for them. 

You have to know what you would like to create as your future and most important what energise you. Creativity? Accomplishment? Recognition? Learning?  Fun? Creating a better world? or Making a Difference? This will guide you on what kind of business is going to make you happy. 

What is far more important than money is happiness and health. It's simple, really - do what you enjoy,  if you don't enjoy what you're doing, chances are you won't succeed.  In fact, if you don't enjoy what you're doing, in all likelihood it will be reflected in the success of your business, or subsequent lack of success. 

However, this is only the beginning of the road for those women over 50 who are choosing to be truly successful in business. Creating a profitable business is about more than just doing what you love. 

Knowing what you love to do is a good start, but it won't transpire into a successful business unless someone else will value what you offer. There's no business if there are no customers. So next, you must have a well-defined target market. 

Developing a deep understanding of the problems facing your customers enables you to relate to them better and ultimately help you to see how your product or service will fit into your target's lifestyle. Ask yourself these questions - 

  • Who are your potential customers, and why would they buy from you? Look for common characteristics and interests. Every good business idea should answer the question: “What is the problem this business solves?” Will your target customers really benefit from your product/service? Will they see a need for it? Why are you uniquely placed to solve the problem?
  • How and when will your potential customers need the product/service?
  • What features are most appealing to your potential customers?
  • What media do your potential customers turn to for information? Does your target read the newspaper, search online, or attend particular events

Most important, before you start your new venture ask yourself this question - Do you have a high level of commitment?  You are either committed to creating a successful business or you aren’t. 

If you are not getting a strong yes to being committed to creating your business, you are going to find it difficult to make progress. Nothing derails a business venture like a lack of commitment.  Once you feel this way, you will be willing to do whatever it takes to make things work.



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