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It’s never too late to be who we want to be

It doesn’t matter if you’re 50 or 60 or 70+ years old- it’s NEVER too late to make different choices and to claim, own and acknowledge that you are the creator of everything in your life.

That’s what creating the life we want is really about: recognising that we are the creator of everything in our life. Making a choice to function from true being and awareness. Becoming aware of what we want to create as our life, and recognising  what really matters to us.

“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.” ~C.S. Lewis

My point is that we are not stuck permanently in the life we have now. Even if it feels like we have no other choices. When we claim, own and acknowledge our creations without judgment, we become aware of what we can be or do different that will change it.

It’s never too late to be who we want to be

It's about being aware of where we can put our energy on something we can change if we want to change it. Change can occur instantaneously. Unfortunately, most of us don't believe that it is truly possible to create instant change. It is the work of our fixed points of view, especially when we have so many assumptions, conclusions, judgments and decisions to make sure our life does not change instantaneously.

The fixed points of view I am referring to are the tendencies that we have to keep us in this contextual reality. This contextual reality is all about where we fit, how we benefit, how we win and how we avoid losing. Do you think I'm generalising? Certainly not! I see this viewpoint and its unfortunate side-effects in action way too often. Too many people think that life is just the way it is, and there is nothing they can do about it, so they don't even bother to think about another possibility.

To be who we want to be, we must make our choices from awareness instead of choosing from other people's points of view. It is essential to recognise that it is not just our education or what society has handed us that determines what we can create as our life and living. It is how we choose to live our life.


The biggest hurdle to actually being who we want to be is knowing what we are shooting for. We need to be prepared for being that energy. Most important, we must be willing to be us in every moment. The first thing that may happen when you start thinking about what you want, is that you draw a complete blank. Fear not! If this happens, try asking "What else is possible here that I have not yet been willing to perceive, know, be and receive?"  and "What else can I add to my life that would be joyful for me?"

Asking questions are about having greater awareness. When we get greater awareness, a different possibility is available. The fascinating thing is that when we become aware of a different possibility, not only do we greatly increase our chances of getting what we want, but our limitation falls away as well.

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