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Are you financially independent

What does it mean to be financially independent? There are many definitions being bandied about regarding what constitutes financial independence.  Being financially independent means different things to different people, and we all have our own point of view about what this phrase truly means to us. There is no right or wrong definition.

So, to become a conscious wealth generator and be able to sustain and grow your personal finance, first you have to discover what being financially independent actually means to you.


For me, being financially independent means I never have to be depending or relying financially on anyone - my husband,  my clients, my parents, a job, a boss or anyone else.  To me, financial independence equals the power to step outside the box of limitation. As long as I am depending on anyone else for my financial well-being, I am stuck in a no choice reality and I define myself as impotent.

Financial independence became my reality the moment I chose to be the CFO of my life and particularly when I claimed, owned and acknowledged that I have the capacity to generate money without having to trade my time for it.  I became a master of my finance when I expanded my ability to allow my money to work for me with ease every month, without me working actively for it. I know that I am able to take care of myself financially no matter what.

It does not matter how old or young you are, or how much money you have or make. If you can generate enough money for your life and living without depending on your job and your pay income, then you have achieved financial independence. When you don't have to trade your time for money, you have more choices and you are free to create the life you desire without worrying whether or not you have money for the bills. While you may still choose to work, you don’t need to.  You work because you enjoy it.

To become financially independent, you must know what you would like to create as your life and your future. It has to be your choice and your desire, not someone else's reality and point of view.  This is your life and your financial reality. You are the creator source and the architect of it, so you have to be aware of the things that create limitations and barriers to what is possible for you. You have to commit to you before you can become financially independent. Making a commitment to you is about being willing to recognize what is true for you and what it means to you to be financially independent.

What question do you need to be to create your own financial independence?

What if it is truly possible to have sustainable wealth?

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