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Are You Already Successful And Just Don’t Realize It?

Success is the sort of thing that most of us dream about from an early age. We reflect upon the teachings of our elders and in most cases, we are encouraged to become successful in life. Exactly what level of success though, or what type of success we are encouraged to aspire to will differ depending upon the specifics of the environment that we grow up in.

Some people think that success has a direct relationship to the amount of money we earn. This is a common approach used by governments and the kind of people who measure the current state of our economies. 

Other people approach the issue of success from the point of view of achievement, meaning they place more emphasis on reaching certain goals and aspirations. To other people though, true success only comes down to the amount of genuine happiness that you have in life and some others think it’s about your ability to love and be loved.

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So, let’s take a fundamental look at the essence of success.

All-Inclusive Success
Why do the characteristics of success differ from person to person? Quite simply, it’s because of different cultures, different backgrounds, and different lifestyles. People have different standards for their life.

The dictionary definitions of success are as follows:
1. The accomplishment of an aim or purpose.
2. The attainment of fame, wealth, or social status.
3. A person or thing that achieves desired aims or attains fame, wealth, etc.

I’ve never been too fond of dictionary definitions. They often seem too restricted, too standard. To me, success is something that goes far beyond the definitions outlined above, though it does also incorporate them. 

For example, what good is a success if I achieve my aims, attain wealth, fame, or social status etc., only to be unhappy at the end of it all? If we are to go along with the definition of success, as you can see above there is absolutely no mention of gratitude or kindness or happiness or calm or peace

Could a life lived with awareness not be considered successful, if one had attained the state of true gratitude, kindness, calm, happiness and peace, and yet not accomplish any single one of the above-outlined definitions? I think so, but I also think there is a bit more to the nature of success than most people realize and there is a certain degree of balance that must be maintained at the core of what true success really is.

A Generative Approach to Success

It is an undeniable fact that we are all generative beings. Some might argue that some of us are more or less than generative, but at the end of the day, each and every one of us has an obvious capacity to reach whatever heights and whatever depths we are capable of reaching. Therefore, if we are to consider true success then we must take into account our capacity as generative beings, on an individual level as well as on a collective level.

If we have not reached the limits of our capability, how on earth can we consider ourselves to be successful generative beings? Should we not postpone reaching the heights of success until we have fully unlocked our potential, fully understood ourselves, and taken ourselves to the highest possible heights and even the lowest depths. 

When considering that a large portion of the very planet we are on has yet to be explored, and the fact that there are still so many aspects to our own bodies, brains, consciousness, and awareness that we do not fully fathom, what good is it to call ourselves successful at a point where there is so much still left to explore and discover?   And that might just be the point of true success.

We all have an innate capability to continue striving to outcreate ourselves. As long as we still consider ourselves as having the ability to learn, to grow, to achieve more, to understand more, to love more, to evolve further, to explore beyond what we have already explored, then we are on the path to success. In other words, if we consider true success to be the continual development of ourselves individually and collectively then we have understood the essence of what true success really is. 

It is an undeniable fact that we all have an infinite amount of potential that can be evolved and developed. In my view, success is an ongoing thing that not only includes all of the characteristics we have spoken about here but so many more things that have yet to be discovered and mastered. 

If you are exploring your capabilities, evolving yourself, learning more, growing, and loving more, then you are already successful regardless of what you have attained up to this point. All you have to do is continue the great work of the generative spirit and the successes of life will come to you with ease and they will never, ever stop.


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