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Acknowledging Your Capacity Can Boost Your Self-Esteem

Acknowledging your capacity and your achievements can boost your self-esteem because you can learn more about yourself and your strengths.  Virtually everyone excels in at least one area (often more than one area); this can help you to recognize where your capacities and best skills lie and to do more activities that enable you to take advantage of these capacities and skills more often.

When you do something well, you feel a sense of accomplishment, pride, and confidence surges in you because you were able to achieve something that created greater possibilities for yourself and others.  In many cases, you were the best person for the task and were more easily able to achieve it than other people would have.  Even more, when you acknowledge your capacity you create many future possibilities, not just a single result.


When you are having a difficult time or struggling with challenges, it is important to start acknowledging your capacity as well as your successes, and realize that you have the capability of doing great things and succeeding at whatever you are doing.  Sometimes, life “throws us a curveball” that makes us uncomfortable and causes us to struggle a bit with tasks that we are not used to completing and have a hard time completing at a high level. 

The key is that we must remember that even during these challenging times, we have the capability to create different possibilities and succeed.  Reflect back on those times when you’ve had successes, especially those tasks that others struggled and they called upon you to do them.  Whether it was an issue with a computer or electronic device, an item at home that needed repairing, or just offering helpful advice to someone dealing with a situation you dealt with before, you were able to succeed where others couldn’t or would have a harder time succeeding.

By acknowledging your capacity and your successes, you will realize that you have the capability to create and do many tasks well. You will realize that whatever present challenge you’re facing can be overcome as well.   By taking time to acknowledge your capacity and your successes, you can keep your self-esteem during times of great difficulty and be able to overcome virtually any challenge that comes your way.

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