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A Day at Noma Restaurant - Copenhagen

Amazing lunch at Noma Restaurant - Copenhagen. Noma is a two-Michelin-star restaurant run by chef René Redzepi in Copenhagen, Denmark. 

Dishes are in step with the seasons, such as milk curd and the first garlic of the season, and the first green shoots of spring. Its cuisine can be considered more an interpretation of Nordic food than classical Nordic food itself. I enjoyed the gastronomic journey in every way. 

A Day at Noma - Copenhagen

Noma is a true "once in a lifetime" experience.... you have to try this! The food is experimental and spectacular.  

Here are a few highlights of my gastronomic adventure at Noma.

A Day at Noma - Copenhagen

The most fascinating thing about Noma is their willingness to use the unusual, locally foraged ingredients in their quest to develop an authentically Nordic cuisine, which is paired with an exceptionally high level of service.

A Day at Noma - Copenhagen

What I enjoyed most, though, was the way Noma breaks away from the format of awestern tasting menu and creates wonderful surprises that provoke curiosity - I love it!

A Day at Noma - Copenhagen

From snacks to dessert and wine pairing, the meal was beyond what I expected and fabulously decadent. ..... surpassing everything I could have wished for in terms of taste, presentation, and service.

A Day at Noma - Copenhagen

Another amazing thing about the food at Noma was that it was so light you don’t have to feel guilty about eating all 12 courses. Do Not Skip Desserts. They are all superb and absolutely delicious. The chocolate desert still has me dreaming.

The food, the wine, the waiting staff snd kitchen staff, it was all superb. We were also shown around the kitchen and production, and it was an experience to behold. 

The kitchen tour after our meal was amazing, so interesting to see the joy and commitment that these chefs have to present such masterpieces to your table.

Noma is the number one restaurant in Copenhagen, Denmark. The restaurant is located in an old warehouse on the waterfront in the Christianshavn neighbourhood of central Copenhagen.  The warehouses once stored salted fish, whale products, oils and skins from the entire north Atlantic region.

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